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Online Excursions > Antalya Cappadocia Tour

Antalya Cappadocia Tour

This dreamy moonlike city is simply stunning and a must see when you are visiting Türkiye! The beautiful fairy chimneys that were formed from soft volcanic rock are a UNESCO world heritage protected site and when you see them with your very own eyes you will understand exactly why! During Antalya Cappadocia Tour you will be able to do things you have perhaps only been able to dream of.

Learn about the culture and history of Cappadocia in the museums and explore the secret underground city! This hidden city is amazingly interesting as you explore some of the levels underneath the earth and see how it was self-sufficient as inhabitants hid here from invading soldiers! Look down and admire Cappadocia from above as you soar high above the fairy chimneys in a magical hot air balloon ride. This unique and miraculous wonder will leave you feeling thrilled and full of admiration for Mother nature!

📅 Tour Days: Mon, Thu, Sat
⏱️ Tour Hours: 3:00 AM – 9:30 PM (Next day)
✔️ Tour Includes: Antalya Hotels Transfer, Hotel, English Guiding, 2x Breakfast, Dinner
📌 Tour Highlights: Hot air balloon rides, underground cities, and fairy chimneys

Included / Not Included

  • Hotel pick up / drop off
  • Hotel accommodation
  • English Guiding
  • Full Insurance
  • Entrance Fees
  • 2 Breakfast
  • 1 Dinner
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks
  • Balloon Flight
  • Lunch

How much is Antalya Cappadocia Tour Price 2024

The Cappadocia tour from Antalya in 2024 offers a variety of pricing options. For adults, the cost is €50 per person. Children aged between 4 and 7 can join at a discounted rate of €35. Additionally, children under four years old can enjoy the tour for free.

City Tour Adult Child
/w 3-Star Hotel Accommodation €50 €35
/w Cave Hotel Accommodation €80 €50

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

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Antalya Cappadocia Tour Program

Antalya Cappadocia Tour will begin with you being picked up from your Antalya accommodation early in the morning on a modern and comfortable bus. On the way to Cappadocia, you will stop for breakfast, a beautiful cuisine of the foods that Turks enjoy the most for breakfast will be provided like a feast as you fill up your plates and gain your energy for the day with a nutritiously rich meal. Breakfast fit for a king! After eating you will join your guide back on the bus where you will then carry on with the journey before arriving at the first stop in Cappadocia, Mevlana Museum.

The museum is home to the spinning Dervish which you might have seen if you have attended any Turkish nights. The religious dance is about a man connecting with God and seeking his inner peace. The museum is full of history and culture, and the travel guide will thoroughly enjoy taking you around the museum pointing out some interesting artifacts and lots of thrilling information.

Next up is a visit to Caravansary which was used as accommodation in ancient times by travellers and tradesmen alike. Anything that a lodger needed was provided: food, water, shelter and somewhere to keep their animals. The building is on the famous Silk Road which connected Anatolia to India, and you can find out all sorts of captivating information about how trading traditions were and how life was back all those years ago.

The amazing underground city of Saratlikirkgoz is next on the agenda, be prepared to be amazed as you see the structures built under the earth into the soft volcanic rock. The travel guide will tell you all about how people built and lived inside this underground city to hide from invading warriors and soldiers. Especially early Christians who were often culled for their beliefs. The self-sufficient city is impressive and although the deeper layers are closed off to protect it from being damaged, the levels that you can visit are fascinating and you will be able to see bedrooms, shops, kitchens and bakeries!

Feeling satisfied from an engrossing day checking out some of the main sites of Cappadocia, it will be time to head to your hotel for the night where you will check in to your rooms and enjoy a yummy dinner. If you wish you can opt in to join a Turkish night for an evening of fun and entertainment. The travel guide will give you all the details and you can book through them.

After a peaceful night’s sleep in dreamy Cappadocia, you can choose to wake up before the birds and hop onto a hot air balloon where you will calmly fly above the famous beautiful fairy chimneys for 1 hour and watch the view unfold in front of you along with the sun rise! If you don’t fancy the balloon ride then enjoy an extra hour in bed storing up energy for the day ahead. Back in the hotel breakfast will be served where you can enjoy a variety of yummy Turkish breakfast items.

Next up is a visit to Uchisar Castle. Famous for hosting the largest fairy chimney of Goreme, the castle is a must see, especially for its panoramic view of Goreme. Look out onto the moon like dreamy landscape of all the chimneys and stare out in amazement as these natural wonders. From this high point, it is the perfect opportunity for some remarkable photos to be taken.

After the castle it will be time for lunch. Your guide will escort you to a local Turkish restaurant where you enjoy some Turkish or international cuisine and build up your energy supplies. The yummy meal will be locally produced and freshly made, perfect! Home to the church of St. John the Baptist, Cavusun Village is also famous for its many houses that have been carved into the soft volcanic rock. The travel guide will give you lots of interesting facts and tell you some of the Christian tales that surround this magical place for example you will see proof of the Virgin, Joseph’s dream, and healing of the blind man scenes all in the church.

Love valley is famous for its chimney formations and a few of them have some interesting shapes that have been naturally formed! This spectacular landscape came about after volcanic eruptions a very long time ago, leaving these masterpieces behind for us to admire now in the modern day. These intense rock formations in the valley are popular for marriage proposals so who knows what you might see when you arrive!

Ready for some dinner, it will be time to head back to the hotel to check out and have your dinner before heading back to Antalya. Along the way you will stop at pottery workshops and should be back in your accommodation by 18.00.



Antalya Cappadocia Tour price

Antalya Cappadocia Tour prices are:

Adult: 50 €

Child: 35 €

Infant: Free

What is included in the ticket price?

Included is entrance to the attractions, travel guide, hotel stay, 2 x breakfast and 1 x evening meal.

What is not included in the price?

Not included is hot air balloon ride, Turkish night, lunch and drinks.

Is the trip suitable for everyone?

You need to be in good health as the 2 day tour requires a bit of walking. The hot air balloon ride is not suitable for pregnant ladies and you must be over 7 years of age to fly.

Can we go inside a fairy chimney?

You can look inside the fairy chimneys at Uchisar Castle and admire the view from inside!

Are the balloons safe?

All pilots are fully licensed, the balloons and weather conditions are regularly checked and are up to the required safety standards.

Do I need to bring my passport?

As you will not be boarding any flights or leaving the country you will not be required to show your passport. However, you will need it with you for any standard road checks.

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14 Reviews
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Larissa Friday

Solo Traveller

I was so impressed by the variety of things we got to see and do in Cappadocia, it was truly a trip of a lifetime..I joined the Suluada boat tour with this company. You guys are awesome. Keep going like this.

Frazier Pippa

Solo Traveller

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to experience the beauty of Cappadocia. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the history of the area, and the scenery was truly breathtaking.I was so impressed by the level of service provided by the Online Excursions team and Hayat

Romy Merv

Solo Traveller

I was so impressed by the level of service provided by the Online Excursions team. They were kind, warm, and hospitable from start to finish, and they truly went above and beyond to make our tour of Cappadocia unforgettable

Myles Greer

Group Traveller

I have been to Turkey many times, but my experience in Cappadocia was truly one of a kind. The scenery was breathtaking and our guide was incredibly knowledgeable about the history of the region. I highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to explore this beautiful area.

Beckah Arleen

Solo Traveller

I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone looking to experience the beauty of Cappadocia.I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience the wonder of Cappadocia, it was truly an unforgettable trip