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Online Excursions > Antalya Demre Myra Kekova Tour

Antalya Demre Myra Kekova Tour

Unveil the secrets of ancient civilizations and witness the beauty of the Mediterranean with our Antalya Demre Myra Kekova Tour. Spend a day away from the pool whilst perfectly combining history and nature on this fantastic excursion that lets you explore on foot and by boat! The amazing glass bottom boat will give you vision into the underwater world as you float serenely over an ancient sunken city!

Inspecting the remains of this well-preserved city is stunning, and what’s more it will feel like you are right there inside the city walls thanks to the massive glass viewing window! Kekova is a city that fell into the sea after an earthquake in the region centuries ago.  The sea levels rose over the remains of the city and have created the underwater experience that you will see today. 

Back on dry land the city of Myra will wow you with its tombs, amphitheatre and fantastic scenery that will be sure to whisk your mind back through hundreds of years to simpler times as you soak up the historical atmosphere. Myra is located in the modern town of Demre and is home to a stunning array of rock tombs carved into the hilly backdrop of the city. Adding to the thrill of this superb day out is the Church of St. Nick – yes, that’s correct. Father Christmas himself lived and worked in Demre and it is here where you can visit the tombs, amazing altars and divine decorations.   You will be able to find many icons and souvenirs that commemorate the life of St Nicholas, and you will be treated to a visit to St Nicholas’ home.

This jam-packed Antalya Demre Myra Kekova Tour offers you peace, knowledge, stunning landscapes and many Instagram worthy snappable beauty spots!

📅 Tour Days: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
⏱️ Tour Hours: 6:00 AM – 8:30 PM
✔️ Tour Includes: Antalya Hotels Transfer, guiding, lunch, boat trip
📌 Tour Highlights: Kekova sunken city, home of St Nicholas, ancient rock tombs

Included / Not Included

  • Boat trip to the underwater city of Kekova
  • Hotel Pick Up / Drop off
  • English Guiding
  • Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks
  • Entrance Fees

How much is Antalya Demre Myra Kekova Tour Price 2024

In 2024, Antalya Demre Myra Kekova Tour price is between €40 to €75. Children between ages of 4 and 7 are discounted and under 4 are free of charge.

Price difference of tour packages are due to varying entrance fees inclusions.

Tour Adult Child
Sunken City Boat Trip & Lunch €40 €20
Myra Ancient City, Sunken City Boat Trip & Lunch €60 €20
St. Nicholas Church, Myra Ancient City, Sunken City Boat Trip & Lunch €75 €20

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

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Antalya Demre Myra Kekova Tour Program

Antalya Demre Myra Kekova Tour kicks off early in the morning as you are picked up from your accommodation in wonderful Antalya. A modern, fully air-conditioned vehicle will drive you to the port where you will first lay your eyes on the breath-taking glass bottom boat! Boarding the boat, you will be pleased with the sheer size of it and the large glass panel, as you will soon understand that there is plenty of viewing room for absolutely everybody! Once you are seated and comfy the boat will lift its anchor and set sail.

Along the way to the first stop you will have the fantastic opportunity to admire the beauty of Antalya from the sea and see all of its landmarks in a panoramic view. Simply stunning. When you arrive at the sunken city of Kekova the boat will slow down to a pace that sees you floating over the top of the sunken city itself. This once thriving city was unfortunately victim to an earthquake that caused a landslide, taking along the city with it, into the salty Mediterranean. The guide on the glass-bottomed boat will be pointing out some cool and interesting places for you to see including a Byzantine church. Much of the city and its landmarks are still very well preserved thanks to the salty water content, however, there are no longer humans inhabiting the area, but sea creatures!

After viewing the amazing scenes under the sea, it will be time to move onto another magnificent ancient city- Myra! This interesting area is complimented by the beauty of nature and has some very intriguing tombs that have been carved into the rocks. This ancient city is not only famous for its rock tombs but also the remains of a once very popular amphitheatre. The remaining seats that once hosted thousands, plus the stage and archways are simply stunning and they are an intriguing part of the itinerary.

With a grumble in your tummy, it will be time for lunch. A healthy, nutritious and delicious lunch will be served, replenishing your energy and filling you up ready for the day’s adventure to continue!

The church of St. Nicholas is next up on the agenda and it is certainly a significant landmark. A once leading church, it has now been turned into a museum for everybody to admire. With its precious altar and the tomb of St. Nick, pilgrims travel to here from far and wide each year to pray. The decorations are magnificent and the holiness in the atmosphere is something else altogether.

After a splendid day touring the sea and land, it will be time to return to your hotel. Being driven along the pretty roads, admiring the scenery and enjoying the air conditioned ride back to your accommodation finishes off the day perfectly.


Antalya Demre Myra Kekova Tour Price

Antalya Demre Myra Kekova Tour prices are:

Adult: 40 €

Child: 20 €

Infant: Free

I just love both pretty nature and history, so this trip sounds right up my street! What is included in my ticket price?

For the price of the ticket, you will get return transfer to your hotel, travel guide, the sunken city boat trip and lunch.

What will I need to bring extra money for?

You will need a few extra coins for entrance to St. Nick church and also any personal spending money such as souvenirs.

Are there any services held at St. Nick’s church?

The church is no longer a serving church and has been made into a museum.

Will the glass bottom boat be too busy to get a good view?

The glass bottom boat is a sheer size that provides a massive viewing point for all guests to enjoy

I’ve got so many questions about the sheer history of this tour. Will there be information boards?

There will be a tour guide accompanying you on the day who will be more than happy to give you all the info and facts. They have a lot of experience and are English speakers.

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