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Things To Do in Antalya

Here you can find ‘Things Do To in Antalya’ list on this article. Exploring the historic center is a wonderful way to get to know the city of Antalya, and sipping a Turkish coffee and watching the world go by is a heavenly experience. This wonderful city, steeped in history, will not only introduce you to Turkey today, but also to the wealth of civilizations that have roamed this part of the world over the centuries.

Must Do Things in Antalya

The historic center of the city is dotted with delightful old Ottoman mansions and beautiful monuments and buildings from the Roman and Byzantine eras. As such, Kaleici is an absolute delight to wander around; Its maze-like streets are the perfect place to get lost and just enjoy all the sights and sounds of Antalya.

With a variety of restaurants, shops and atmospheric cafes to choose from, there is plenty to see and do. There are also a number of lovely little art galleries to browse. Between the narrow streets lie such impressive buildings as the 18th-century Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque and the elegant Kesik Minaret, while life revolves around the picturesque main square.

For many visitors, Kaleici is the highlight of their trip. Don’t miss it if you want to experience the intoxicating mix of contemporary and traditional Turkish life.

11things to do in antalya

Antalya is as popular with couples looking for a romantic getaway as it is with families looking for a memorable vacation together, so it’s definitely the place for whoever you are. So why not start planning your perfect Turkey vacation right away? We got you started with this list of the best things to do in Antalya in one day.

If you are planning a holiday in the Antalya region, do not think that you can only lie on the beach there.

Antalya is a very diverse place with hundreds of things to do, discover and enjoy. This list below contains everything you need to know about the top rated and most entertaining attractions in Antalya.

Let’s start the adventure around Antalya…

1. The Land of Legends Theme Park

11things to do in antalya

Near Belek, a little off the coast, there is a huge entertainment center called Theme Park Land of Legends.

Upon entering the resort, you will be drawn into the world of fairy tales that continue throughout the resort. It is not for nothing that the resort is called the Disneyland of Antalya.

The massive water park features a total of 55 water slides and an adventure park attraction with every imaginable ride, including canal gondola rides, popcorn, donut stands, and fairy tale characters everywhere you look.

A true paradise for children. Of particular note are the nightly light and laser shows and the amazing mall with more than 100 stores.

These activities attract millions of visitors every year and have been the most popular activity for tourists since it opened.

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2. Olympos Teleferik (cable car)

11things to do in antalya

Every 10 minutes, the red cable cars go from the beach in Kemer to Mount Tahtalı, better known as Olympos.

With a length of 4,350 meters, the Olympos Teleferik cable car is one of the longest cable cars in the world. The drive up the 2,365 meter high mountain takes about 10 minutes, the panorama is overwhelming, even the ancient indications of Phaselis can be seen.

From the top of the mountain you can even see Alanya in good weather. In addition to the fantastic views, various sports activities are offered at the summit, including paragliding .

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3. Rafting in the Koprulu Gorge

11things to do in antalya

Turkey’s largest rafting center is located 90 kilometers northeast of Antalya in the Köprülü Canyon, a 366 km2 gorge and national park.

Here you will find white water and rapids of all sizes and levels of difficulty. Rafting on 12 kilometers of ice-cold spring water under the scorching heat of the sun is a wonderful experience.

Rafting in the Köprülü Gorge is possible all year round. There are organized tours, usually the equipment is provided.

By the way, Köprülü Kanyon means “bridge gorge”, also pay attention to the stone bridges, after which the gorge is named.

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4. Jeep Safari in Taurus Mountains

11things to do in antalya

A full-day trip to the Taurus Mountains offers a welcome change from a beach and sunbathing holiday. In the province of Antalya, these excursions are organized throughout the region, your hotel can surely help you to find them.

With a small group, head into the mountains in an open-top jeep. Slowly the vehicle moves along the narrow and dusty roads through the pine forests where some villages are hidden in the mountain range.

The safaris take you 900 meters above sea level. When crossing a river bed, children especially enjoy the “water fights” between the jeeps. Lunch will be served at a fish farm. Depending on the tour, there are also short bathing breaks.

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5. Beach resorts


The Turkish Riviera offers more than 630 kilometers of coastline. With so much choice, it is often difficult to choose a beach.

Konyaalti Beach is set against the imposing backdrop of the Taurus Mountains, Mermerli Beach, a stony sandy beach, is right on the port and is accessible via a restaurant’s stairs, while Marmara Beach is only accessible by elevator.

Families prefer Cleopatra Beach near Alanya, and the 18-kilometer Patara Beach near Kaş is known for its white sand. Lara beach will impress you with its proximity to the Düden waterfalls, which plunge straight into the sea, while Olympos beach stands out for its proximity to nature and wildlife.

Here you can stay in a tree house and watch the sea turtles. Surrounded by high cliffs, Kalkan has the charming feel of a fishing village.

Are you looking for cheap resorts in Antalya? We have an amazing selection created by local professionals. You can also check out our guide to the best beaches around Antalya.

6. Paragliding in Alanya

11things to do in antalya

Haven’t you always wished you could fly? Paragliding makes it possible.

You do not need any previous knowledge for these tandem flights, because the entire flight IS accompanied by an experienced paraglider pilot.

A 10-minute briefing is sufficient. Then just sit back and enjoy the panorama and the thrill.

Paragliding flights are organized by various operators near Alanya. Flights here usually terminate at Cleopatra Beach, from where you will be taken back to your hotel.

In Olympos near Kemer, the flights take place with an impressive panorama of the Taurus Mountains from Mount Olympos.

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Check out other sports in Antalya and enjoy many different activities.

7. Alanya Teleferik (cable car ride)

11things to do in antalya

In just over 5 minutes, a total of 14 cable car cabins go from the beach to Alanya Castle. The station on the beach is very close to the Damlatas Cave, whose air is said to have a regenerating effect on the respiratory tract. The temperature in the cave is a constant 23 degrees with high humidity.

A total of 900 meters of altitude are covered, the castle is located on a rock at an altitude of about 250 meters above sea level. From up here you have a fantastic view of Alanya and the surrounding area.

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8. Side Old Town

11things to do in antalya

Side is best known for its beaches, but the old town is not to be missed.

Ruins over 3,000 years old can be found here. The most famous is the Temple of Apollo, whose 6 white columns are the symbol of the city.

Also worth mentioning is the Roman theater with over 10,000 seats and the ancient agora. If you are looking for a souvenir, just stroll down Side’s main street, where mainly leather, jewellery, textiles and souvenirs are sold. Everyone will find something here.

Discover the best things to do in Side Old Town during your visit !

9. Blue Cruise


Boat trips are available from almost all coastal locations along the Turkish Riviera.

These usually have paths that lead to the surrounding area. From Kaş you can visit the ancient city of Simena , now called Kaleköy. The sunken city can only be reached by boat. From Kemer there are trips to Phaselis Ancient City, Olympos Ancient City and the surrounding diving centers.

These full-day boat tours usually travel along the coast, exploring enchanting landscapes and often a few hidden coves. There are several swimming and snorkeling breaks and of course a board is provided for catering.

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10. Antalya Aquarium


Antalya Aquarium is the second largest aquarium in Europe and the fifth largest in the world.

In a total of 64 tanks and 40 themed aquariums you can see around 5,000 fish and underwater creatures. The largest tunnel aquarium in the world is particularly impressive.

It’s a 131 meter long and 3 meter wide tunnel that goes under the tanks and makes you feel like you’re swimming with the sharks…

The integrated snow world of the aquarium has a constant temperature of -5 degrees even in midsummer and is decorated with ice sculptures.

If you want, you can play with snowballs. Huge insects, snakes and reptiles await you in the adjoining wildlife park.

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11. Diving in Antalya


Diving enthusiasts will get their money’s worth on the Turkish Riviera.

The area around “Antalya” is particularly known for its beautiful diving areas, where you can dive between grottos, caves and overgrown cliffs.

The three islands at Tekirova off Kemer offer opportunities for all levels of diving, from beginners to professionals. The breathtakingly beautiful landscape is outstanding.

Here you will find, among other things, the Adventure Reef, 400 meters in the open sea. Due to the strong currents, it is recommended for experienced divers. The reef reaches a depth of up to 60-70 meters.

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12. Canyoning in Goynuk


The Göynük hiking trail near Kemer leads through idyllic nature with a wild river and picturesque waterfalls in this eponymous gorge.

Göynük Canyon is a natural adventure park that offers various activities including rafting, paintball, canyoning safari tours and canyoning.

At the end of the tour you will be rewarded with a spectacular view. Nature is still really untouched here, don’t be surprised if you see a salamander.

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13. Quad Safari

11things to do in antalya

A quad safari in the desert terrain of the Taurus Mountains is a special experience that you should not miss.

Ride the small four-wheelers over dirt roads, over sand dunes and through the pine forests. Incidentally, the name Quad is a short form of “quad bike”, which means four wheels.

Quad safaris are organized along the Turkish Riviera, if you want to do a Quad Atv Safari please visit our Antalya Excursions page here you can easily book. You will usually be picked up directly from your hotel. No previous knowledge is required, after a 10-minute briefing you can start.

On average, quad safaris last about three hours. It’s an adventure that will leave you dusty and dirty, but with unforgettable memories.

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14. Hiking to the ruins of Termessos

11things to do in antalya

Termessos is a very well preserved ancient city located 17 kilometers northwest of Antalya.

It is located in the Güllük-Termessos National Park, which is 6,700 hectares. With an altitude of 1,050 meters above sea level, it covers a very wide area. The vastness of the terrain makes it an ideal hiking destination.

Off the beaten track, explore the impressive mountain landscape with its rich flora and fauna. You will walk among the ruins of ancient walls, a triumphal arch, cisterns, theatres, an agora and an odeon and soak up the impressive atmosphere of Termessos.

15. Olympos and Adrasan Beach

11things to do in antalya

The history-charged Olympos Beach on the Lycian coast near Çıralı is particularly popular with nature lovers.

Located in the middle of the nature reserve, the beach with beautiful vegetation, ancient ruins and a distinct atmosphere. The natural pebble beach is located on the site of the ancient city of Olympos.

Sea turtles also appreciate this natural paradise. This is where the Caretta-Caretta turtles lay their eggs. If you’re lucky, you might even see a baby sea turtle hatch in the summer.

Discover Suluada Island near Adrasan, one of the best islands in the country!

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Information about Antalya

11things to do in antalya

The city of Antalya is one of the most famous and modern cities in Turkey with a number of attractions. As the city embraces the Mediterranean coast, it has many stunning beaches and scenic destinations for the tourists. Some of the regions have mountains in the background along with the blue sea which makes them even more alluring. The mesmerizing waterfalls, rivers and lush greenery of Antalya are extraordinary.

An unavoidable part of Antalya tourism is the province’s rich past. As Antalya has been part of the Byzantine, Ottoman, Greek and Roman Empires throughout history, the tourist destinations here have shared a rural past since their construction. There are probably ancient cities for that, giving a vivid sense of how these ancient Antalya cities once flourished. There are various museums that cleverly display the excavation finds from these sites in order to simplify Antalya’s otherwise complicated history. Kaleici Old Town in particular is a major attraction of Antalya as it is a mixture of the ancient Ottoman Empire and modernity.

Besides the natural beauty and historical places, Antalya also has a lively nightlife. The city comes alive with the beats of the music in the clubs, bars and pubs. If you want to feel the essence of Turkey when you visit the local bazaars of Antalya which are always frequented by locals and vendors. Since Antalya has experienced a large number of tourists every year for various reasons, the city has some of the most eloquent resorts and hotels, which is why it is also known as a spa town. If you want to visit Antalya you must book a sea view resort,

Places you must visit in Antalya

Known for its stunning beach resorts, Antalya is one of the preferred destinations in Europe for those looking for a relaxing seaside holiday. However, apart from its luxurious 5-star hotels, Antalya has much more to offer.

From historic sites to breathtaking waterfalls and amusement parks, this region has something for everyone. I was amazed to discover the diversity of this place and in this post we want to share the most popular things to do and places to visit in Antalya.

1.1 Antalya Waterfall – Duden Waterfalls


The Duden Waterfalls consist of 2 waterfalls – the Upper Duden Waterfall and the Lower Duden Waterfall. I only had the opportunity to admire the Lower Duden Falls. The water falls straight into the Mediterranean Sea from a large cliff, creating a stunning landscape.

In the immediate vicinity of the waterfall there is a beautiful park with cute alleys and benches called Duden Park. You can walk along the cliff for the best view of the waterfall and then relax in the park for a few minutes while admiring the sea. If you want to visit Antalya, a trip to the Duden Waterfalls is a must.

1.2 St. Nicholas Church, Demre

Every year we all wait for St. Nicholas Day. It’s a day of joy when we share gifts with our loved ones, but did you know that Saint Nicholas was born in Antalya and more specifically lives in the city of Demre?

One of the must-see tourist attractions in Antalya is St. Nicholas Church, the place where he is believed to be buried. The church was built in 520 and is very well preserved. You can still browse some icons painted on the wall, but the main attraction is the tomb of Saint Nicholas.

1.3 Ancient City of Myra, Demre

Myra was originally an ancient Greek city with well-preserved sites such as the Theater of Myra and the Rock Tombs. When I got here I was struck by how well preserved the theater is. The seats were in perfect condition which made it easy for me to imagine the magnitude of the spectacles being held here.

Although visitors are not allowed to enter the tombs, they are still quite impressive. These tombs were discovered by a foreign traveler in 1840 and are said to have been painted in yellow, red and blue at the time. These colors are no longer visible today, but the tombs are stunning.

1.4 The Land of Legends

The Land of Legends an incredible amusement park with roller coasters and water slides. which is right near the theme park. It’s a great choice for families with children.

The theme park star of the park is the Hyper Coaster Ride, a 62 meter high roller coaster perfect for adrenaline seekers.

You can also enjoy many water slides with different levels of difficulty, beautiful pools and also artificial waves.

1.5 Old Town of Antalya – Kaleici

Antalya’s heart is in Kaleici, a beautiful area with cobbled streets, countless shops and restaurants, beautiful viewpoints and an impressive harbor.

A vantage point from where you can see the nearby mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Another must-see spot is Mermerli Strand, to browse the beach from the nearby pier. If you are looking for souvenirs, Antalya Kaleici is the right place for you. From rugs to tea, spices and fridge magnets, you can find everything here.

1.6 Tahtali Mountain

One of the best things to do in the Antalya region is to climb Tahtali Mountain, also known as Lycian Olympus. The mountain has an altitude of 2375 m and can be reached by the Olympos Aerial Tram, also known as the cable car .

The view from the top is simply breathtaking. You can flip the Beydaglari mountains, the sea and the coast.

1.7 Antalya Aquarium


What would you say about a visit to the world’s largest tunnel aquarium, which is 131 meters long? At Antalya Aquarium you will learn many interesting things about sea life and have the opportunity to browse thousands of sea creatures.

1.8 Facilities of Tunektepe Cable Car

11things to do in antalya

If you are looking for some of the best views in Antalya, head to Tunektepe Teleferik Tesisleri. This cable car is easily accessible by public transport and is the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon. From above you can admire the city of Antalya and the Mediterranean Sea.

1.9 Aspendos Theater

Located 47 kilometers from Antalya, Aspendos Theater is an incredible archaeological site. It was built in the 2nd and 3rd centuries and is now used for concerts and festivals. This is one of the top tourist attractions in Antalya and well worth a visit.

Excursions & Sights and Must Do’s in Antalya

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