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Top Attractions and activities in Belek

11Top sights and activities in Belek

Belek may not be as popular as other cities in Turkey, but don’t let that fool you. Belek is a smaller but beautiful destination worth visiting. You will be surprised what unique things to do and places to explore in this hidden destination. You might want to revisit it one day to take a break and relax in Belek.

If you are planning to visit Turkey and not sure whether to include Belek in your itinerary, read on. In this list we have compiled some top things to do in Belek and things to do in Belek and surroundings. We have a hunch you’ll be thrilled if you add this city to your travel plans.

Whether you’re shopping for a storm or learning about local history, there’s plenty to do in Belek. This city offers a range of exciting attractions to keep your schedule busy and your legs on the go. Whatever your taste, this place has something special in store for you.

Main Attractions & Activities in Belek

If you are a globetrotter with a thirst for history and archaeology, the Aspendos Theater is perhaps the main attraction in Belek. It was built by the architect Zenon in the 2nd century and is the best preserved ancient theater to date. With a seating capacity of 20,000, it remains a fine example of the engineering and architectural skills that existed even then. The galleries, stage decorations and acoustics make it an architectural marvel, so well preserved that even today concerts and concerts are held at the Aspendos Theater during the summer months. these are the main attractions & things to do in Belek that are worth visiting.

During your stay in Belek, you can also visit the city walls and Hadrian’s Gate, which are historical remains of the rich Roman style. Antalya Museum is a famous archaeological museum that should also be of interest to every visitor. Apart from that, there are the numerous mosques and minarets in Antalya, some of which date back to the Byzantine era and others were built by the Seljuks.

One of the main attractions of Belek are the six excellent golf courses. Belek has been specially developed as an attractive golf holiday destination. It is one of Turkey’s leading golf centers with a world-class 18-hole golf course where both beginners and experts can hone their skills. The golf clubs will be divided into two groups within a ten minute drive of each other. Most of the hotels and golf resorts are located in between, which increases the convenience of tourists.
In addition to golf, Belek also offers the opportunity for a variety of adventure sports such as windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, rafting, mountaineering and hunting. So if you are a sports enthusiast, Belek is the place for you in Turkey.

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, then head to the seemingly endless white beaches of Belek. The numerous beach resorts with a view of the pine forests in the background, the river flowing from the Taurus Mountains into the fields is balm for the tired mind and body. The water is calm so children can play safely while you spend the day sunbathing or swimming.

A key benefit of visiting Belek is that it is ideally located for making short trips to other attractions in Antalya during your stay. From Belek you can visit Perge, which is 18 kilometers from Antalya. Saint Paul is said to have given some of his first sermons here. Once again the architecture, the gymnasium and the public baths are the main attractions. You can also taste typical Turkish cuisine and enjoy an open-air disco in the evening.

Koprulu National Park is a day trip from Belek. The breathtaking scenic beauty of the winding mountain route will surprise you at every turn. Some other places worth visiting are the Manavgat Falls, where milky white foamy water cascades over the rocks, and Burdur, the Roman city of Termossa founded by Alexander high up in the mountains.

What are the best things to see and do in Belek?

Here is our list of the best things to do in Belek

1. Belek Beaches

11Belek beaches

The beaches of Belek offer just about everything you could want for a Mediterranean holiday on the southern Turkish coast. Belek’s blue flag public beach stretches over 200 meters of golden sand and is easily accessible from the main road. Kadriye Beach, about 20 minutes drive west, is a heavily developed coastline shared by Belek’s luxury resort.

Bogazkent Beach is located east of the mouth of the Kopru River and offers stunning dune scenery and wide sand. Farther east is the resort beach of Kumkoy, which is mostly exclusive and dotted with loungers, a restaurant, and luxe facilities. You’ll also find small rustic beach houses built and owned by villagers.

2. Aspendos Theater


Aspendos Antik Tiyatrosu (Aspendos Theater) is one of the many great archeological sites that you can visit near Belek. Many karst stones were originally missing from the Greek and Roman ruins. They were later restored as part of a project and carefully sourced from various quarries. The result is an impressively preserved ancient theater that often hosts opera and ballet performances.

After admiring the superb layout of the Aspendos Theater, check out the remains of the ancient basilica, as well as the sprawling agora (public space), grottos, and parts of an extensive Roman aqueduct said to stretch 12km – including the 13th .. 19th Century Eurymedon Bridge spanning the Köprüçay River.

3. Belek Golf Clubs


Belek, as one of the most developed beach resorts in Antalya , offers quite a compact collection of luxurious golf courses with manicured greens parallel to the 5-star hotels and beautiful coastline. Here are some of the many notable and close-knit golf courses in Belek – there are well over a dozen.

The par-72 Montgomerie Golf Complex is located at the east end of Belek and features 8 lakes and a park forest on its 104 acres. At Carya Golf Club you can play a round of night golf thanks to its fully-lit course, while Sueno Golf Club offers dune and pine courses that vary in length of play and challenges. Other golf courses that offer challenging tees include the Nick Faldo designed Cornelia Golf Course and Kaya Palazzo Golf Club with its fast greens and narrow fairways.

4. Koprulu Canyon


Koprulu Canyon offers many adventures in Turkish nature. You can practice the most popular activity – white water rafting in the national park along the Kopru river, past the magnificent green of the cypress-covered cliffs and under the old Oluk bridge.

There are many challenges that most family members can take on at Koprulu Canyon, including ziplining and canyoning, although rafting remains the main attraction. You will encounter a series of tight courses containing a mix of otherworldly geological formations and ancient ruins – along a course that stretches over 25km. Most rafting adventures start from Kasimlar town and Degirmenozu village. Koprulu Canyon is an hour’s drive north of Belek.

5. The Land of Legends theme park

11The Land of Legends theme park

Land of Legends Theme Park is basically an adventure park, theme park and water park all in one. There is even a hotel (The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel) and a large shopping arcade attached to the theme park. The on-site aqua park takes almost a full day to enjoy the wide range of water slides and wet rides. For pure adrenaline rushes, the Hyper Coaster takes you up curves up to 62 meters high, while the Typhoon Coaster takes you on a journey of 525 meters before ending with a shot.

There are around 20 rides to choose from at the Land of Legends theme park. Also check out 5th Dimension, an indoor cinema that includes a dozen effects like wind and sprays to add to the excitement.

6. Belek Hamam Turkish Spa Experience

11Belek Hamam Turkish Spa Experience

Why not live life like a local for the day with a trip to a Turkish bath or hammam? They are an ancient way to relax and refresh. They’re also great for exfoliating your skin, making you more likely to develop a lasting tan. If you want a top-notch tan while trying something new, then this Belek experience is for you.

It all starts when we take you to one of the best local hammams. Here you’ll put on your swimwear and wrap yourself in a towel in a cabin. Then it’s on to the hammam itself – a wet room with marble tiles and a “gobektasi”, a heated stone slab, in the centre. Relax as the heat softens your skin, opens your pores and helps you sweat out those toxins.

Lying on the Gobektasi, you will be treated to a body scrub, followed by a covering of soft, soapy bubbles and a face mask. Afterwards, enjoy an all-encompassing oil massage that will make you glow positively. Top off with a cup of herbal tea and start your holiday.

7. Gloria Aspendos Arena

11Gloria Aspendos Arena

The Gloria Aspendos Arena is a magnificent open theater that hosts modern live performances and concerts. It’s a great place to add to your Belek itinerary. Anadolu Atesi (Fire of Anatolia) dance troupe is a regular showrunner at the arena, offering a live show of the same name that delicately blends Anatolia’s rich cultural history and artistic performances of the highest quality. The Fire of Anatolia Show usually runs between April and November.

The arena can accommodate up to 5,000 spectators. The stage itself, which reflects Anatolian history and architecture, measures 1,300 square meters. Gloria Aspendos Arena also has a large car park and facilities such as exhibitions, toilets and areas where food and drinks are sold.

8. Belek Rafting Tour


Plunge into the hidden secrets of the Koprulu Canyon and the Köprüçay River and enjoy a full-day outdoor adventure away from the crowds! The Belek Rafting Tour combines excitement, fun and action for a whole day. This rafting excursion isn’t just for those looking for an outdoor adventure. It is also for those who want to discover and experience the hidden natural beauties of Belek. This full-day experience guarantees an adrenaline rush in a natural and relaxing atmosphere that you will remember forever!

If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday experience, then Belek Rafting Tour is for you! This experience will challenge your strengths as you raft in the white waves of the Koprucay River. It is also a great opportunity to observe the natural beauty of Taurus Mountain and appreciate the wild nature of the Turkish countryside.

9. Belek boat trip

11Belek boat trip

The greater Antalya area is popular for several stunning bays for all types of interests. The coast is an ideal option for exploration. A full-day boat trip is the best way to experience the beauty of nature while swimming in crystal clear waters. Belek boat trip takes in some of the most charming and picturesque bays in Kemer. Relax on the boat, invigorate your senses, swim in turquoise waters and create new memories with your loved ones.

Boat trips are the best way to explore the magnificent coastline around Antalya. In addition, boat trips are the perfect spot in case you want to take a break from the busy and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city. This special boat trip invites you to explore and swim the beautiful bays around Kemer. Relax in a luxurious boat, sunbathe under the Mediterranean sun and take a dip in the sea waters.

10. Belek Diving

11Belek Diving

During your vacation in Belek, you can participate in some alternative activities and make every moment count. One of the most exciting and unforgettable things you can do is join our Belek Scuba Diving Tour. Immerse yourself in the underwater world, admire the exquisite beauty and serenity of the Mediterranean Sea, and escape the crowds with a full-day activity that leaves you enthralled.

This amazing diving tour in Belek is offered daily. It starts in the morning with a pick-up service from your place of residence. A comfortable and fully air-conditioned vehicle will take you towards the port from where the port departs. For this exhilarating experience, you’ll sail a fully-equipped, spacious boat.

Diving is among the best alternative experiences you can partake in in Belek. The exquisite blue waters of the Mediterranean are home to a variety of colorful fish, shipwrecks and other interesting things to see. This full-day tour invites you to explore the beauty of the underwater world and discover a whole new way of reviving your senses.

11. Belek Jeep Safari Tour

11Belek Jeep Safari Tour

Escape the crowds and enjoy an alternative cultural and natural exploration. Belek Jeep Safari Tour invites you to explore the beauty and tranquility of Taurus Mountains in an off-road experience. Surround yourself with nature while visiting interesting places. Experience famous Turkish hospitality by exploring charming countryside villages and have fun with loved ones during the adrenaline-pumping driving experience.

This full-day excursion towards Taurus begins in the morning. A jeep will pick you up from your accommodation in Belek. During the excursion, a professional guide will be by your side to help you and make sure you enjoy every moment. Your jeep car will meet with other jeeps and form a convoy. At this point the convoy will take you on an amazing exploration of nature.

There is nothing better than joining an adventure while on vacation. Belek Jeep Safari Tour offers you the opportunity to explore the magnificent scenery and admire the extraordinary beauty of the Taurus Mountains. Get your adrenaline pumping with an off-road jeep driving experience and have fun with an alternative sightseeing experience.

12. Belek Cable Car Tour

11Belek Cable Car Tour

Join an unforgettable excursion and experience a cable car ride towards Tahtali Mountain! Belek Cable Car Tour is an excellent alternative for everyone, but especially for those who want to have an amazing view. Additionally, the activity is just a perfect family experience as the kids get excited during the ride. This tour will surely be an activity to remember during your vacation in Belek.

This activity includes two-way transmission for your own convenience. At a predetermined time, a car will pick you up from your accommodation in Belek. The transfer is made with modern and comfortable cars that will take you to the cable car station in Antalya. More specifically, the station is located on Tahtali Mountain, the highest in the wider Turkish Riviera. Tahtali is also one of the highest in the Taurus Mountains.

When you get there, board the cable car in groups. According to the schedule, enjoy a ride to the top of Mount Olympus. The cabin has a maximum capacity of 80 people and is completely safe at a maximum speed of 10 meters per second. If this is your first experience on a cable car, there is no need to worry. In fact, the cable car meets all safety standards. The line is 4359 meters long and will give you an amazing experience.

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Here are the top things to see and do in Belek