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Online Excursions > Alanya Cappadocia Tour

Alanya Cappadocia Tour

If you want to enjoy otherworldly volcanic landscapes, immerse yourself in the amazing, original and mysterious Turkey, see with your own eyes what drives thousands of travel bloggers crazy, immerse yourself in a wonderful stone world, want to start from scratch, then Alanya Cappadocia Tour is just that right for you.

Is Cappadocia a land outside of time and civilization, or is it another planet, an illusion of the best science fiction writers of our time, an ingenious prototype of neighboring galaxies? The entire territory of Cappadocia is made up of volcanic rocks, its landscape is unique, rocks with bizarre shapes, green valleys, red rivers. In Cappadocia you will see cities carved in stone, underground settlements, churches and monasteries, mosques and mausoleums. This land is virtually untouched by civilization, upon which lies a glorious shadow of identity.

Wonderful people live in Cappadocia, who skillfully and imaginatively sculpt from clay, build sturdy dwellings, process stones and, despite the harsh living conditions, keep touchingly kind hearts and open souls. On the journey you will visit modern cities and towns, Saratly underground city, Konya city, Uchisar village carved into rocks, Monasteries, Valley of fabulous creatures, Valley of love, Valley of doves, you will become the creative one Visit Workshop of the Wind himself, a skilled master at working with stones. Of course, you will be fed deliciously, you can try your hand at pottery in the town of Avanos and, of course, you will bring a lot of unforgettable impressions and great photos from there.

You will spend an unforgettable night in a stone hotel. And in the evening you will find a bright show – the program “Turkish Night”, where you will see dances of different peoples of the world and traditional, ceremonial Turkish dances. You will have unlimited treats and drinks and a sea of ​​​​joyful emotions.

A trip from Alanya to Cappadocia will be thought-provoking, a flight of imagination. In places ringing silence, in places incessant voices of tourists, the sound of footsteps along the rocky roads and always crystal clear air that you want to breathe as much as possible, as well as amazing Turkish culture that you can touch a little bit after visiting a rich Cappadocia tour from Alanya.

Included / Not Included

  • Hotel pick up / drop off
  • Professional English Guiding
  • Comfortable Bus (Full A/C)
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Entrance Tickets
  • 2x Breakfast (Open Buffet with Tea & Coffee)
  • 1 x Dinner (Open Buffet)
  • Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride

Alanya Cappadocia Tour Price 2024

Alanya Cappadocia Tour price is 50 Euro for adults, 35 Euro for children from 7 to 11 years old and for children under 6 years old free.

Please note that we have ‘no hidden costs’

Days & Time

Tour days: Monday / Thursday / Saturday

Tour duration: From 09:30 – to 16:00

Alanya Hotels Transfer: Pick up from your hotel

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Alanya Cappadocia Tour Program

At 3:30 in the morning a bus will come for you and you will leave. Around 5:00 in the morning you will arrive in Akseki town , there you will have breakfast in a scenic spot in Taurus Mountains and drive to Aksaray town where you will visit Saratly underground city. Upon arrival in Cappadocia, a delicious lunch awaits you in the town of Avanos at a wonderful cave restaurant.

After lunch, explore local attractions: Valley of Love, Goreme Open Air Museum, St. Basil’s Chapel, St. Barbara’s Chapel, Apple Church, Snake Church, St. Katrina’s Chapel, Church of Sandals and the Tokaly Church , Valley of Magical Stone Creatures – Devrent.

Next, go to the pottery workshop. After checking into an incredible stone hotel with swimming pool, dinner and breakfast. In the evening, visit the festive show “Turkish Night”. If you wish, you can take a hot air balloon flight in the morning. After breakfast, continue your exploration of Cappadocia and drive to Uchisar Fortress, then to the Valley of Pigeons and Panorama Goreme viewing platform. Then return to Alanya. En route, stop at the historic caravanserai and have lunch in the ancient city of Konya . Around 8:00 p.m. you will reach your hotel in Alanya.


Your journey begins with breakfast at the amazing place Akseki, known as the land of snowdrops. Small and cosy, it’s a stronghold of identity. In fact, cut off from the whole world, it developed slowly and thoroughly over many centuries. You will be amazed by the antiquity of the buildings, amazed by the severity of the conditions in which this civilization developed.

Your lungs will be filled with the purest mountain air and the taste of food will sparkle with bright colors. You will be transported from the noise of the city and the crowds into peace and serenity to prepare for the intense sequel to come. The group will not linger here and immediately after breakfast will become a fantastic reality.


Aksaray is a small cozy town on the Great Silk Road, a merchant’s paradise, once an important trading center. Today the city attracts thousands of tourists. Not so long ago, even 30 years ago, in the province of Aksaray, they discovered the ancient and mysterious underground city of Saratly, where various household items of people who once lived underground for hundreds of years were waiting. 20 years ago this place became accessible for tourists.

The city is on 7 levels. On the ground floor there are utility rooms, above – rooms, kitchens, toilets, wells, a hammam bath, barns. You can visit up to 3 levels and you will surely be amazed by what you see. After the end of the tour of the underground city, your head will have many questions about who and how lived in this place, what life scenarios were played out in this dungeon, and whether the descendants of these people wander the white world unconsciously peace only in darkness feel.


Next stop on your grand journey, the city of artisans, Avanos. With a long history, the city has always been known for its ceramics production. Clay products are now the hallmark of the city and are known far beyond the borders of Turkey. You will feel the creative nature of the city as soon as you step onto the hard-paved streets.

Throughout Avanos you will find workshops, you will surely be fascinated by the skillful movements of potters’ hands and you will want to try sculpting something out of warm red plastic clay yourself. You will also have such an opportunity. And on the bus you will certainly take a souvenir in the form of a plate, mug or ceramic magnet. In addition, as you walk around the city, you will see the beautiful red river Kyzylirmak, the longest river in all of Turkey.

A hearty lunch of main courses and snacks awaits you in the beautiful cave-style restaurant, which blends in perfectly with the surrounding landscape.

Valley of Love

After lunch at the restaurant, explore the Cappadocian sights. The first and most interesting will be the famous Valley of Love. The green valley is dotted with mushroom-shaped rocks, the height of which reaches 40 meters in some places. They consist of soft tuff and hard basalt at the top. Millions of years ago, after the eruption of several volcanoes, this area was covered with lava. For thousands of years sun, wind and rain have created various stone structures in the valleys of Cappadocia. Due to the bizarre phallic shape of the “mushrooms,” there is a local belief that a child conceived in this valley is sure to be happy and prosperous.

Goreme Open Air Museum

And the last stop for the first day of the tour is Goreme Open Air Museum. It seems that today you have seen everything. But a new surprise awaits you. These are up to two dozen churches carved into the rock, a multi-storey rocky convent, a refectory and other buildings. There are 8 churches available: Buckle Church; Apple Church, St. Barbara’s Chapel, St. Basil’s Chapel, St. Onuphrius’ Church, Sandal Church, St. Catherine’s Chapel and Dark Church (extra charge). Each church has its own unique frescoes that are separate works of art and certainly deserve your attention. The museum is full of life, from morning to night many tourists stroll the streets and fill it with voices.

Valley of Fantasy (Devrent)

Cappadocia is an amazing place, each of your stops will be a discovery. This is a kind of repository for something incredible that you will remember many times later. The Devrent Valley will also be an unforgettable place. There is a unique landscape over which nature has worked beautifully. For millennia, the wind has carved bizarre shapes out of stone, transforming each stone into a magical creature.

You should be prepared that an abandoned place is full of stone statues. You will see the shapes of animals and people looking intently at the stones, feel the energy of this place and the power that you can charge yourself with. In this place you need a camera. They take hundreds of photos, each one unique.

Then visit an amazing pottery workshop.


After a busy day, check into a beautiful stone hotel in the shape of an Ottoman fortress. Its walls seem steeped in history. You will get the impression that you are in the Middle Ages and in a castle. The hotel has a pool and a dining room where you can have dinner and breakfast the next morning. At the bar you can buy your favorite drinks for an additional fee. A night in such a fabulous hotel will leave an unforgettable experience in your memory.

Turkish Night Show

After checking into the hotel and having dinner, you will have another surprise – the famous Turkish night show. This is an authentic show taking place in an unusual cave hotel. Fire dances of different peoples of the world, traditional Turkish dances, Turkish wedding ceremonies and much more await you. During the show, your tables will have unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as treats, snacks, and fruit. A fun, lively program will not leave you indifferent and you will undoubtedly spend the evening dancing and enjoying every moment. The show runs from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Then go to your cozy hotel.


Everyone who hears about Cappadocia imagines huge colorful balloons. You can also look at them, take a picture against their background, and even fly if you want. You can tell us your wishes and we will definitely help you to implement them. Flights start at dawn and end in time for breakfast. If you do not plan to climb into the sky, but just want to fly hundreds of balloons over the landscapes of Cappadocia, ride horses in the rays of the rising sun and take professional photos against the background of hundreds of balloons floating in the sky rise , then you can contact us in the chats below…


After a fantastic night in a cozy stone room, breakfast awaits you in the hotel’s dining room. Full breakfast buffet. A wide range of classic Turkish breakfast snacks as well as muesli and milk – a European breakfast. After breakfast, be sure to try the strong Turkish tea in traditional glass glasses.


After breakfast, set off to conquer new places in Cappadocia. On your trip, the basic rule applies: the further, the more interesting. Once you decide that the Valley of Magical Creatures is the most exciting sight, the ancient settlement of Uchisar will appear in front of you. Huge fortress anthills appear before your eyes. An ancient city carved into pliable tufa rocks. The three main fortresses are three rocks: Main Fortress (Bashhisar), Medium (Ortahisar), Extreme (Uchisar). The most amazing thing is the preserved view of the city. You will not see any destruction there, everything looks like people still live in these stone houses and send beacons. It is also interesting that under all the stones there are active water springs and this fills the city with life, mysterious shrouds. Also, you will find there an old church that creates an atmosphere of sanctity. All the landscapes of Uchisar are beautiful material for photos. Take pictures against the background of the fortresses, photograph the area separately. You will have aesthetic pleasure looking at the photos.


Pashabag or the Valley of the Monks is a place worth traveling long distances for – one of the most beautiful valleys in Cappadocia. You will understand this by the number of tourists admiring the local beauty. We have to endure the crowds, but it’s worth it. Valley of giant two- and three-headed porcini mushrooms that looks much more interesting in real life than on the site pages. This place is called the Valley of the Monks, the name is quite justified, in one of the three-headed mushrooms the church of St. Simeon is carved. This amazing place is also called the Valley of Vineyards and you will see for yourself how valid this name is. It is really full of vineyards from which Cappadocian wine is made.

Valley of the Pigeons

The Valley of the Pigeons is undoubtedly the most beautiful place in Cappadocia. Since ancient times, people in Cappadocia have grown grapes, but the soil here did not have high fertility. Therefore, people solved this problem with the help of valuable pigeon droppings. In the 19th and 20th centuries, local residents decided to build thousands of pigeon houses in the rocks themselves. To attract the pigeons, they painted the rocks with colorful patterns. Pigeons are still appreciated here. You will be surprised by the number of these wonderful birds and the hills with many windows – houses for them. These soft tuffs are more like giant sand castles. You will be amazed by what you see.

Panorama of Goreme

You will visit the best viewing platform in Cappadocia. On the hill “Panorama Goreme” you will have the best views of the cosmic valleys of Cappadocia and even the volcano Egies, which raged on these areas 6000,000 years ago. For you the world seems to stop and you will observe unearthly landscapes and hear the touch of the wind. Photos against this background turn out to be unreal.

Onyx and leather workshop

You will visit an interesting place, an onyx and leather workshop. Everyone knows about the quality of Turkish leather goods, but not many are aware of the extraordinary products made from onyx in a variety of colors. For the Turks, especially those who live among stone statues, working with natural materials is of particular importance. You have already met with the clay production, in the Onyx shop you will admire handmade stone works. According to the understanding of each person, a stone can be used to decorate a product, but here the masters do their best to decorate the stone themselves. Make patterns on them, paint them. Like competing with the wind in mercy when working on a fort.

Sultankhana Caravan shed

You will be back on the streets. You will visit a very old Ottoman place – Caravanserai – an 18th-century inn for those who followed the Great Silk Road, transported complicated goods, returned with no less refined purchases and expected wealth and luxury. You will be amazed by the huge 13 meter gate and the Turkish decoration. On the territory of the caravanserai there were chambers, baths, a mosque and a large courtyard. Entry into this territory was charged by the caravans, and the services already provided on the territory of the palace were included in this amount. This inn offers you the opportunity to feel like a weary traveler of that time who needs rest for future successes.


Next stop for a hearty lunch in a large and very beautiful city of Konya. Like many cities in Turkey, Konya has evolved over time, absorbing the diverse cultures of its rulers. This city is mentioned in the Bible, which confirms its position in the list of cities of great religious value, and of course not only Christian, but mainly Muslim.

The city is rich in mosques and mausoleums, where thousands of pilgrims gather every year. It is interesting that Omar Khayam lived and worked in this city. When looking at cityscapes, remember that the rulers of this city artificially slowed down the industrialization process in order to preserve its uniqueness as long as possible. You will definitely love this place.

After visiting the city of Konya, drive to Alanya again. And at 20:00 you will reach your hotel. Pleasant memories of such intense 2 days in Cappadocia will stay with you for a long time.


Alanya Cappadocia Tour price 2024

Alanya Cappadocia Tour prices are:

Adult: 50 Euro

Child: 35 Euro

Infant: Free

What is included in the price of a Cappadocia tour from Alanya?

Cappadocia tour price from Alanya includes transfer from your hotel and back, insurance, professional English-speaking guide, meals (1 breakfast, 1 dinner), accommodation.

How long does a Cappadocia tour from Alanya take?

Cappadocia tour from Alanya takes 2 days and 1 night.

How far is Cappadocia from Alanya?

The distance from Alanya to Cappadocia is 6 hr 41 min  (534.9 km)  via D330

Where is Cappadocia in Turkey?

Cappadocia, an ancient district in east-central Anatolia, lies on the rugged plateau north of the Taurus Mountains in central modern-day Turkey. The boundaries of the region have changed throughout history.

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