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Tips for the best activities to see and do in Antalya with kids and family

11Tips for the best activities to see and do in Antalya with kids and family

Are you looking for what to do in Antalya with children and family? Here are the best things to do with kids in Antalya that you shouldn’t miss on a family vacation with kids or babies. Discover the ultimate places for children in Antalya, such as water parks, theme parks or playgrounds. Children will have fun, learn new things, get good food and not get bored in long lines. Read on to learn more about great places and activities to enjoy with your kids in Antalya. Plan a wonderful family day out on the budget you’re looking for without missing out on the fun!

Must-see places and activities in Antalya for families with children

Let’s explore our list of kid-friendly activities in Antalya for perfect family outings and getaways.



Kaleici is Antalya’s picturesque spot when it comes to the city. No matter which city of Antalya you want to visit, Kaleici is a must-see with its wonderfully cute historic streets and vibrant nightlife. The historic houses within the old city walls are now the center of Antalya’s social life. Locals come here to drink and let loose. The tourists who come here can see some amazing historical remains and there is a beach where children can swim.

If you are in Antalya in summer, we recommend you not to come here during the day as you will not be able to enjoy it under the heat. Come around sunset and there’s somewhere to sit and have a cold beer while listening to live music. We have some suggestions for wonderful places to eat and drink in Kaleici as well as places to visit.

2. Kursunlu and Düden Waterfalls

11Kursunlu and Düden Waterfalls

Antalya also has two famous waterfalls: Duden and Kursunlu. The cool thing about Duden? It cascades right through the city! From all the well-planned activities in Antalya, imagine passing a waterfall on your way to the market. It’s in such an unexpected place that when you park your car or get off the bus, you’ll wonder if you’re in the wrong place. There’s even a cave you can visit.

There are actually two different waterfall locations for this system known as the Upper and Lower Duden Waterfalls. The lower waterfall offers wonderful photo opportunities and a lovely park with cafes serving delicious food on and along the shore. It is actually in the urban areas of Antalya. The Upper Duden Waterfall can be reached by bus from the old town for around 3 TRL. Relaxing and picturesque, the falls make for a cool getaway on hot Anatolian afternoons. Another way to enjoy the falls is to take a speedboat and (possibly from a hotel service) and then go back into the falls and get soaked. This makes this Duden Waterfalls boat trip one of the most exciting things to do in Antalya. The view of the sunrise from the falls is said to be heavenly and a sight to be seen at least once.

The Duden Waterfalls are home to picturesque surroundings and lovely getaway options. Divided into two parts, there are no Duden Waterfall tickets for the lower section, but you must purchase tickets for the upper section of the Duden Waterfalls. You can get tickets for Duden Waterfalls from there yourself. The Duden Waterfalls ticket prices are quite reasonable, making it a perfect destination for a nice and cheap getaway.

The Duden Waterfalls are located 12 kilometers outside the city of Antalya. These waterfalls are formed by the water from the recycling station and are a popular tourist attraction. The Duden River falls some 15m deep and 20m into a pool creating magnificent waterfalls. There is a beautiful green park with plenty of benches to sit on and enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the spectacular falls in front of you. There is a small set of stairs that you can use to take a walk along the river. Lower Duden Falls falls off a cliff and plunges straight into the Mediterranean Sea.



Hip-notics is a cable ski park in the village of Burunucu Mevkii Cakis. Cable skiing is a type of wakeboarding in which the skier’s rope and grip are pulled by a cable system. A motor boat pulls a traditional water skier. Cable skiing is a safer and more economical way to wakeboard – and easier for beginners.

It is also environmentally friendly as the cable consumes electricity and there is no pollution from the boat with traditional water skiing. Hip-Notics also offers other water sports such as water skiing, knee boarding, and fly boarding. There are also facilities where you can play basketball, volleyball and other sports, as well as eat.

4. The ancient city of Perge

11The ancient city of Perge

The ancient city of Perge is 18 km (or 15 minutes by car) from Kursunlu Waterfall. It is one of the most important cities of the Pamphili civilization and is located 4 km from the Aksu River. The entrance to the city has a magnificent Hellenistic gate, one of the best preserved stadiums in the world, and a Greco-Roman amphitheatre. This ancient city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, although most of the statues uncovered in this area have been brought to the Antalya Museum. It is said to be three thousand years old and was mostly inhabited until at least the 9th century AD. Known today as Eski Kelassi, there are numerous structures that remain of the Heydeys that tourists love. These include columns of the agora, the Roman theater, the palaestra (wrestling school), the baths and anymphaeum .

5. Koprulu Canyon

11Koprulu Canyon

Koprulu Canyon is a national park that stretches from Koprucay to the sea and is great for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and nature walks, as well as rafting in summer. There are also two bridges from Roman times.

14 km long, the natural wonders abound along this gorge. The best way to catch the canyon is by rafting into the river that runs through it. It’s totally safe and absolutely stunning. The water is turquoise and the forest and cliffs are always colorful. Tranquil, scenic and cool, this is possibly Antalya’s finest natural wonder.

6. Rafting


Rafting is one of the best activities in Antalya – and the best thing about the region – rafting due to its abundance of rivers. One of the best places for rafting is Koprulu Canyon which we mentioned above. If you decide to go, you will be matched with an experienced guide and share a raft with 8-10 people for a distance of 14 km. This takes approximately 2.5 hours and the company provides helmets, paddles and life jackets.

The most ideal months for rafting are July, August and September and our travel agency offers rafting in this region.

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7. Tazi Gorge

11Tazi Gorge

How a gorge can remain undiscovered for so long is baffling to many, especially one as spectacular as Tazi. The canyon is only 10-15 minutes drive from Koprulu Gorge. You cannot see the gorge on the way. So don’t think that we gave you the wrong address. You have to park your car and walk two kilometers through the forest. At first glance, you might not see the trail right away, but don’t worry, it’s not a challenging walk.

8. Manavgat Waterfall

11Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat is a city and region of the Turkish province of Antalya, located 72 km from the city of Antalya. The Manavgat Riverhas a waterfall near town. Between the Taurus Mountains to the north and the sandy shores of the Mediterranean Sea, much of the locale is surrounded by a flat plain. This is basically mature farmland and agribusiness is being decently improved in Manavgat. It includes raising animals and developing products containing grains, sesame and many soil-grown foods. In addition, olives have recently been planted. With 40 miles of hot, sunny coastline, much of which is sandy, including a long stream and the waterfall, it’s decently decked out and made up of mountains and forests. Manavgat has a highly furnished travel industry. There are more than enough amenities on the coast and numerous places to enjoy, including chronological places, creeks and caves. There is also the ocean itself, which involves the tremendous amount of swimming in both fresh water and salt water at the confluence of the river in the ocean. Typically, the kitchen is heavily dated Mediterranean influenced.

The large number of guests per year significantly adjusts the state of the generally Islamic Manavgat, and there are bars, discos and numerous types of youth societies that have been incomprehensible in recent decades. The coastal villages of Kumkoy and IlÄca are particularly lively.

9. Cable car

11Cable car

A journey from sea to sky. One of Europe’s fastest cable cars takes you to the mountaintop of Tahtali, where you get a view of the entire Antalya region on this half-day trip. Amazing panoramic view from the cable car and the upper station. You can see the whole Gulf of Antalya from the height of 2365 m. The tour takes place in Olympos National Park where you can see the wild trees and animals as goats. From the highest point you can enjoy the best views of the Taurus Mountains and the coast. Just jump and fly in the sky!

One of the highest and longest cable cars in the world is called Olympos Telecabin, which was able to award the title of the second European cable cars. The cable car is located in the middle of the Tekirova region in Kemer and Tahtali. That is 4 thousand meters long, can be raised on the mountains of high sea level of 2365 yards (2.16 km), giving the opportunity to see the beautiful waist area, Antalya coast, valley, turquoise Sea Color Mediterranean and Visiting the rocky cliffs, pine-covered forests, beautiful islands and untouched nature offer you tourists.

The Olympos cable car is one of the safest rides in the world. In other words, this cabin with the most complete global standards and safety points used to be the reason why this cabin can easily carry 81 people.

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10. Aspendus


The ancient city of Aspendos, built in the 10th century BC. Founded by the Achaeans, it has the best preserved Roman theater in Mediterranean geography. This theater seats 12,000 people and was built in the 2nd century AD. This was built at the height of the Roman Empire. As you might have guessed, the theater has excellent acoustics. Concerts and ballets take place here from mid-August to mid-September.

However, Aspendos offers more than just the theatre. Here you can also see the city’s arena, stadium, agora, basilica, fountain, parliament building, aqueducts, streets, temples, baths and cisterns. Aspendos survived during the Byzantine period and were used as caravanserai during the Seljuk period. It was left dormant after that, but in 1930 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (the founder of modern Turkey) wanted this area to be restored and reopened.

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11. The ancient city of Patara

11The ancient city of Patara

Among things to do in Antalya, you will never run out of beautiful historical ruins to hike. The ancient city of Patara is about 40 km from Kas and served as the capital of the Lycian Union. Important trade union meetings were held in Parliament during this period, the remnants of which you can see. Patara, one of six voting cities in the Lycian Union, has been an important center in several periods of history.

Patara was the port of the Lycian League and the place for League conferences. In Roman times Patara was still important as it was a port connecting Rome with the eastern provinces and it was also the seat of the Roman provincial governor. The grain stores built under Emperor Hadrian are still standing. It is believed that Patara was one of Apollo’s divination centers. The Temple of Apollo at Patara has the same reputation as at Delphi and Omens are believed to spend winter in Patara and summer in Delos. Patara retained its importance even in Byzantine times. Saint Nicholas, a real person, was born into a wealthy family from Patara. Later he went to Myra and became a bishop there.

12. The ancient city of Termessos

11The ancient city of Termessos

The ancient city of Termessos is located 30 kilometers from Antalya. This spectacular Psidian city is believed to have been of great importance during the Lycian period. Termessos was built on Mount Solymos in the Taurus Mountains at an altitude of 1,665 meters. Historians say that even the forces of Alexander the Great could not capture this fortified city. Termessos is protected by impressive stone walls and surrounded by rugged mountains and dense forests. It is ideally located to protect against incoming attacks. Today it is one of Turkey’s best-preserved ancient cities, although some hiking is required to fully appreciate the site. Termessos is certainly not your average historical site.

Today Termessos is part of Gulluk Dagi National Park. The sanctuary is home to rare species of flora and fauna. It’s worth taking some time to explore. The main sights are: the entrance to the Temple of Artemis Hadrian and Hadrian’s Propylaeum, the gymnasium, sarcophagi, the agora, the theatre, the Temple of Zeus, the necropolis and several tombs. Unfortunately, little is known about the history of the ancient site; It was rediscovered by European explorers in the early 19th century. Archaeologists soon arrived, including the well-known British archaeologist Charles Fellowes. Excavations continued throughout the century.

There is no direct public transport to Termessos ruins, but it is possible to catch a bus halfway and take a taxi or walk the remaining 9 kilometers from the main road. Alternatively, you can take a day tour from Antalya and combine the trip with other attractions in the area. Turkey’s Anatolian region has many historical sites and other notable places along the Turquoise Coast, including the ancient city of Myra in Demre and Aspendos east of Antalya. Here is the best preserved Roman amphitheater in the whole country.

13. Sandland


At Lara Beach in Antalya there are huge sculptures made using only water and sand. The International Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival (Sandland) is an open-air museum that showcases hundreds of massive sand sculptures. This is one of the most impressive exhibitions considering the area (10,000 square meters) and the material used (10,000 tons of river sand) as well as the participating artists.

Of course, these works are not permanent. They will be destroyed when the exhibition is over – anchored in the art of sand sculpture. But that also makes it an art that is constantly being updated. There are workshops, concerts and even video mapping. Sure, they are unusual, but they are also worthwhile things to do in Antalya. The sand works can be seen between 9:30 am and 11:00 pm.

14. Lara Beach, Antalya


Lara Beach in Antalya district is considered to be one of the long sandy beaches in Turkey. 10 miles east of the city is one of the most popular beaches in Antalya. This blue beach is exceptionally clean and calm with crystal blue waters.

This beach is a fantastic place to stay for category 5-7 hotels. Most of these hotels are modeled after the best places in the world like the Topkapi Palaces in the Kremlin. In this way, the beach and the surrounding area have become a replica of Las Vegas. The bluish water, the tranquility of nature captures the spirit. The beach is full of sand. It is mostly golden in some places and there are dark spots in other places. The children can enjoy the shallow water. You can stroll through the souvenir shops at your leisure. At night you have to step out the door to enjoy the vibes of the nightclubs and bars. Since this is very close to Antalya, you can visit the nearby bazaar to buy the things of your choice. If you are fascinated by the culture of the place, visit the museum.

15. Antalya Mini City

11Minicity Antalya

As the name suggests, this is a little thing in town. Occupying a large area just off the beach park, Minicity Antalya is a museum with miniature models of various popular buildings and sites in Turkey. The park, like the museum, is located in a growing residential area along the coastal road on Konyaalti Beach, right next to the SU Hotel. When you come here, you will be greeted with a green landscape and various quarter-scale models. The models are a physical representation of some of Turkey’s very famous pieces of architecture and natural gems such as Pamukkale and Cappadocia. Once you’re done wandering the alleyways, you can relax for a while in the open bar on the northern edge of the park. Unless, is on the opposite side on the southern edge the entrance center with shops, exhibition hall and food stalls. Stop for a moment and admire the beauty of the entrance hall.

16. Antalya Aquarium


Antalya Aquarium is the largest tunnel aquarium with a length of 131 meters and a width of 3 meters. After completing your tour of 40 themed aquariums, you will arrive at this aquarium. The aquarium is open to everyone from 10am to 8pm (Sunday to Thursday) and from 10am to 9pm (Friday and Saturday). In the snow world and ice museum you can see how snowballs are made from real snow. A journey through the world’s most colorful, interesting, but venomous species awaits you in the wildlife park’s tropical reptile house. Ocean Ride XD Cinema at Antalya Aquarium lets you sail the world’s oceans using multidimensional film technology.

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17. Aqualand & Dolphinland in Antalya


If you want a day away from the salt and sand, this is a good option. Dolphinland & Aqua Land in Antalya offers tickets at a fair price. You have a wide range of slides to choose from. They have plenty of sunbeds and shade for those who don’t want to sit in the heat. They also offer high quality food and that too at a very affordable price. Take your kids to the park for a wonderful family time.

It features one of the largest tunnel aquariums in the world at 131 meters long. With 40 themed aquariums, a snow world and ice museum (where kids can play with real snow!), a tropical reptile house, and the Oceanride XD cinema (where you can experience the underwater world), there are plenty of things to keep kids happy .

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Here we have collected the most popular activities and excursions for a family holiday in Antalya with children that you should definitely visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Antalya good for families with children?

Antalya is a paradise for vacationers, where historical ruins, beautiful nature and beautiful beaches are in close proximity. Also, Antalya is quite family-friendly. Aside from the kids activities at the best Antalya resorts, there are plenty of other things for the little ones to do in the city.

What are the best things to do in Antalya with kids?

What activities can I do with my kids in Antalya?

What are the best boat trips for kids from Antalya?

You will find a variety of great daily boat trips for kids, mainly departing from Antalya and Belek ports. All come with lunch and all local drinks for free. Popular ones are;


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