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How much are the excursions & activities in Antalya

11How much are the excursions & activities in Antalya

Antalya is the largest city on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast and the country’s eighth largest city with over a million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. The city dates back to 200 BC. BC when it was settled by the Attalid dynasty of Pergamum and soon conquered by the Romans. The city was ruled by several different groups and was last brought under Italian sovereignty after the First World War. After the War of Independence, it became part of Turkey . The city has seen an influx of developments in recent years, becoming a tourist mecca with more than 12 million visitors in 2014.

Antalya’s climate is Mediterranean with hot and dry summers and mild and wet winters. On average, there are about 300 sunny days each year. February is the coldest month when temperatures can drop to around 6 degrees Celsius on average. July is the warmest month when the highs can reach an average of 34 degrees Celsius.

How much money do you need for your trip to Antalya? You should plan to spend about (18 Euro) per day for your holiday in Antalya. This is the average daily price based on the costs of other visitors. Previous travelers have spent an average of (€6.90) on meals for a day and (€1.5) on local transport. The average excursions and tours in Antalya for a couple is (40 euros). So, a trip to Antalya for two people for a week costs on average (230 euros). All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget.

Entertainment and activities in Antalya usually cost an average of 8 euros per person per day. This includes fees for museum and attraction tickets, day tours and other sightseeing expenses.

Attractions in Antalya

Antalya is a city with an interesting history and an impressive art scene. Kalaici is the old town and has many narrow and winding streets that are fun to explore. The area is surrounded by old city walls. In the northern part of the old town you can find many souvenir shops and restaurants for tourists. Make your way to the Kilincarslan section if you want to experience the city’s charms in a tranquil setting. Of particular interest is Hadrian’s Gate , built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Other attractions in the area include Yivli Minare , Antalya Clock Tower , Yat Limani Port, Kesik Minare , Hidirlik Tower and Ataturk’s House.

Most people spend a lot of time wandering around Kaleici. You can really soak up the historic atmosphere of the city by getting lost in its winding streets. Another great place to visit and relax for a while is Karaalioglu Park. From there you can watch the fishermen at the marina. There are also some good shopping malls in the city. These include Terracity, 5M Migros, Ozdilek and Deepo Outlet Center. If you want a view of the city, head to the top of Tunektepe Hill. It is at an altitude of 618 meters and offers a great view of the surroundings. At the top you will also find a hotel, a rotating restaurant and a nightclub, which mainly hosts private parties. After all, it’s fun to take a scenic cruise around the area. You can take a boat from the port but bargain hard for the price. Boats depart when full or nearby.

Neighborhoods of Antalya

Most tourists like to explore the old town of Antalya, Kaleici. Here you will find most of the city’s historical sights, as well as interesting, narrow streets. The area is divided into several sections. In the northern part, Selcuk and Tuzcular, you will find most of the souvenir shops and restaurants. The Kilincarslan section is much more peaceful and has lots of character.

To the west of the city you will find Konyaalti Beach. The large water park Aqualand is located here . Here you will also find the aquarium and an amusement park .

North of the city is the zoo and nature park. You can get here by taking the tram to the last stop.

Most popular activities in Antalya with prices

You are planning a trip to Antalya and you don’t know what to do here… No problem. Our website provides you with certain information about attractions, highlights, tourist places, excursions and activities in Antalya and surroundings… You can choose the best activity and tour and book online with us that suits your desires and decisions.

Enjoy nature with excursions in Antalya

For nature lovers, there are wonderful excursions to do in Antalya, such as Antalya Jeep Safari Tour or Antalya Green Canyon to spend while contemplating the natural scenes. To specify places as well

  1. Antalya Aquarium
  2. Green canyon of Antalya
  3. Jeep Safari Tour in Antalya
  4. Sightseeing tour in Antalya
  5. Buggy safari in Antalya
  6. Diving in Antalya
  7. Rafting in Antalya
  8. Perge Aspendos Side
  9. Turkish bath in Antalya
  10. Aqualand & Dolphinland in Antaly

In addition, to see the beauties of the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, you can join a diving tour with a professional crew or in a submarine.

However, if you choose a country, you can sign up for safaris like horse safari, buggy safari, ATV safari or jeep safari. If you add a bit of adrenaline to activities in nature, you can also enjoy rafting, a cable car to the top of Olympos mountain or skydiving.

Aside from being with nature and spending your time having fun to the fullest, you can visit Aquapark, Land of Legends, Aquarium and Dolphins Land Park. and you can enjoy the performance of the world famous Fire of Anatolia.

After losing a lot of energy from being active for hours, you can pamper yourself by receiving a nice treatment in a traditional Turkish bath.

You can find all these excursions on our page, please click here to check the prices and availability of these tours in Antalya .

How much are the excursions & activities in Antalya


Here is the list of excursions and activities in Antalya with prices.

Cheapest Daily Excursion Prices in Antalya 2022

Antalya excursion and activity prices 2022

Antalya Buggy Safari
35 €
Antalya Quad Safari
30 €
Antalya Rafting Tour
18 €
Antalya Jeep Safari
30 €
Antalya Diving Tour
25 €
Antalya Boat Trip
25 €
Antalya City Tour
30 €
Antalya Green Canyon Boat Trip
40 €
Antalya Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour
150 €
Antalya Balloon Tour
100 €
Antalya Cappadocia Tour
75 €
Antalya Cappadocia Tour By Plane
210 €
Antalya Cappadocia Tour with Hot Air Balloon Flight
75 €
Antalya Cappadocia Tour 2 Days
75 €
Antalya Swim with Dolphins
100 €
Antalya Pirate Boat Trip
25 €
Antalya Boat Rental
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Antalya Private Boat Trip
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How much do the excursions and tours in Antalya cost?

Here are the prices for excursions and tours in Antalya.

What are the prices for excursions & activities in Antalya?

Prices for excursions & activities in Antalya offered by our travel agency;

What are the main attractions to visit in Antalya?

The main attractions to visit in Antalya are listed below:

How many days in Antalya is enough?

According to the general opinion of local and foreign travelers, 3-7 days is ok. Extending the duration is optional. If you are willing to join Antalya excursions or visit other districts of Antalya that are away from the city center like Belek, Alanya, Kaş, etc., you should reserve more than 1 week.

Is Antalya good for vacation?

Antalya is good for a vacation for many reasons as mentioned above, especially summer vacations. In short, it has favorable weather conditions, crystal clear waters, multiple bays and shores, historical and cultural wealth, exciting Antalya excursions , and of course, delicious and light Mediterranean cuisine.

Is Antalya safe for vacation?

One of the most frequently asked questions about traveling to Antalya is how safe Antalya is for a vacation? Overall, Antalya is a very safe city with a low crime rate and a safe index of 82.5%. However, as a piece of advice, we can warn you not to take care of your belongings especially in public places – nevertheless, theft and its kind are not common in Antalya. Terrorism might also worry you, but Turkey hasn’t had a terrorist attack on tourists for more than 4 years. Antalya is always safe for the vacationers in Turkey.

Is Antalya worth visiting?

Antalya, the Mediterranean pearl of Turkey, is worth a visit whatever your expectations. Because this beautiful city, which stretches over a large part of southern Turkey, can offer you many things at the same time: coasts and beaches perfect for swimming (like Lara, Karpuzkaldiran, Olympos, etc.), ancient sites from Hellenistic times ( z like Patara, Side, Perge, Aspendos) and natural wonders like Duden Waterfalls, Manavgat Waterfalls etc. In short, every type of traveler can find amazing things to do in Antalya.